Percentage Allocation Money Management

The PAMM service is an original creation of Oron Limited which has gained worldwide popularity. It brings traders and investors together under mutually beneficial terms.

What is a PAMM Platform?

A PAMM platform allows clients/traders to create their own investment fund and scale their success with fee payments from investors for profits made on their accounts or volumes. All investors' accounts are combined into one big trading account where the money manager opens positions. Investors cannot trade - they simply receive profits & losses in proportion to their investments.

The platform can be used with a leaderboard of strategies for retail clients as well as privately with custom allocation settings.

PAMM is widely used by licensed money managers using strategies that can be traded only on big accounts.

New client segment

Hassle-free integration. We handle all the technical aspects

No plugins

Attract money managers with a feature-rich PAMM platform.

Improves lifetime value

Traders are more motivated to trade. Others have an alternative to trading.

Setup in 7 days

Launch the platform within a week.

Fully-Featured PAMM Accounts

Our platform provides all the basic and advanced functions for these type of products:

Manual and scheduled execution of deposit & withdrawal requests

No need to close masters' positions during deposits and withdrawals

Fees for investors can be set

Automated subscription and unsubscription of investors via the leaderboard

Several execution options including autocorrection on withdrawals or without realloation on deposits

Allocation with maximum precision

All your clients can become investors in PAMM accounts regardless of how much money they have.

It works in the same way with as little at $30 or as much as $300,000. Either way, the platform will calculate their share in positions and distribute the PnL to their accounts.

For Positions Up To

0.00000001 lot

For PnL Allocation Of Fiat Currencies Up To

0.01 USD


Manual and scheduled execution of deposit & withdrawal requests

A PAMM Master account is combined from the balances of all slave accounts. All deposits and withdrawals by investors affect the balance of the master account as well as the free margin.

In our PAMM platform, when an investor makes a deposit or withdrawal it is not executed immediately - he makes a deposit/withdrawal request that will be executed manually or by scheduling it.

So the money manager always has full control over the time of execution of deposit/withdrawal requests and can prepare his account for this event while adjusting the position sizes without any danger of accidental stop outs.

All Fiat and Cryptocurrencies are supported

Your clients can use an account nominated in any currency. The platform supports any combination imaginable. All fees will be calculated and paid respectively.

Accounts can be opened in fiat and cryptos: USD, JPY, BTC, USDT, EUR, etc.

Four types of fees all paid automatically

Four types of fees are available within the investment platform. Each are designed to pay money managers for their efforts and are transferred from the investment account to a trader's wallet.

Subscription fee

The simplest type of fee. Just one flat fee regardless of account size, trading frequency or profit. USD only.

Can be paid daily / weekly / monthly

Performance fee

Industry-standard fee type. Calculated as X percent of net profit. Based on high watermark.

Can be paid daily / weekly / monthly

Management fee

Type of fee that is paid independently from trading activity or profit made. Set in a percentage per year of assets

Can be paid as a percentage of equity or as a percentage of balance.

Volume fee

Second most popular fee type. Calculated as a USD/lot.

Paid immediately after closing a position.

State-of-art architecture of the platform

The investment platform is stand-alone from MT4/5 server software and installed on a separate server connected via manager's API. No plugins need be installed. No calculations are made on the MetaTrader server. No additional load to MT or risk of a crash.

Hosting Options

The platform can be hosted both on a server provided by a client or Oron Limited.

Can Work With Any Client's CRM. No Integration Required.

Investment Platform is a standalone software and supports several ways of integration with a broker's infrastructure with different levels of time and development costs - no integration, seamless sign-on and deep integration.

Full White Label Support

The investment platform supports a white label in two ways:

A main label owner can use one server to provide the investment platform to his own white labels.

A white label owner of any main white label MetaTrader server provider can also use it as it does not require plugin installations, just MT manager credentials without administrator rights.

No Need To Create A New Group For Each New Money Manager

The platform is connected to the MT server with a Manager's API. All master and investment accounts can be placed in either one or a few groups. Your existing groups can be used for placing master and slaves there. No need to create a separate group for every money manager and his investors.


Connected via manager's API without administrator rights

Automated monitoring system and auto-recovery scripts

All data is stored in MySQL database with backups

No calculations are made on the MetaTrader server. No additional load to MT

MetaTrader server will work at the same speed as without Investment Platform

No risk of conflict of MetaTrader server with plugins

All functions of the platform are available via JSON REST API. No limit in further integration in website or client area

Manager's apps are available for back office staff. Rights can be customized for each user.

Admin rights are not required. Can be used by white labels of any main label MT provider


Successful strategies deserve to be presented in the best possible way

Collect, share and present your trading history with minimal effort.


All the best traders in one place

All master accounts opened in your company are visible in the leaderboard and sorted by return. Investors use filters and compare them all on one page and choosing several for deeper analysis.

The chance of a lifetime for investors and amateur traders

Under a quarter of traders earn money on the markets and even less than this do so regularly. PAMM Accounts help everyone invest in successful strategies and create a diversified investment portfolio.

Beat competitors with PAMM offer

We'd love to hear from you. Fill out our contact form and a sales representative will contact you.


Make money from the first month

Tools that will allow you to onboard new clients on an investment product immediately after launch without having to wait several months, including website content for and knowledge base.


Automate master accounts with trades from retail clients

It is always hard to attract good traders and managers until you have large number of investors and vice versa.

However, in our investment platform you can create a master account for the leaderboard and make it a slave to any other client privately in the admin panel.

Each master can be a signal receiver to other accounts

Unlimited source of signals from client base



Reverse-copy masters

You can copy on master accounts positions from good traders as well as those from losing clients, but in reverse mode. Copy sell position when they trade, buy and vice versa.

Copy positions from good traders

Reverese copy from losing traders

Combine signals from many private-masters on one public master account

Start investing today.