Multiple Account Manager

Multi-Account-Manager is designed for fund and money managers to trade on behalf of multiple clients.

Trade For your Client

Manage & trade multiple instruments across several of your clients’ accounts on the MT5 platform with ease. Execute your trading strategies on your MAM (Multi-Account Manager) account and have your trades seamlessly mirrored in your clients’ individual accounts.

Dominant Multiple Account Manager plugin

With our Significant MAM Account, you will be able to easily manage 50,000+ trading accounts without constraints, providing your investors with accurate fund and trade allocation, instant profit distribution, and transparent data analysis – all of the elements that have a direct impact on your brokerage’s finances and reputation among partners and clients.

MAM Account Features

With a unique digital interface trading platform, you benefit from a trading experience of the highest standards and can unlock your potential from day one. Opt for this turnkey technology, focus your undivided efforts on your trading and work towards enhancing your portfolio performance.

  • Real-time performance statistics, risk measures, trade history & analytics.
  • Ability to trigger large amounts of trades simultaneously within milliseconds without constrains.
  • Instant configurability and real-time synchronization with MetaTrader platforms.
  • Can link with multiple MT5 servers and WLs under one dashboard.
  • HWM based Performance fees, Agent accounts & Management fees.
  • Real-time performance statistics, risk measures, trade history & analytics.

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Add Trading Accounts

Start inviting investors to join your MAM Account.

Manage Investors’ Funds

Start executing orders in bulk with your MAM Account.

Money Management Technology

Our Multi-Account Manager Account is a industry leading solution that allows all trading strategies including scalping, hedging and more. You can manage clients’ portfolios in a personalized trading environment using all the features available on the MT5 and tune them to your professional needs.

  • Extensive Reporting Format.
  • Access to top ranking MAM technology.
  • Customizable Trading Conditions.
  • High Level of End User Control.
  • Dynamic Leverage upto 1:400.
  • Smooth addition/removal of Funds.
  • Automated Comission Calculation.
  • Lightning Fast Order Execution.
  • Transparent Environment.
  • Trade Over 1000+ Instruments.

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